Bone Grafting in Century City, Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

Although we don’t give much thought or even think of the health or importance of the bone our teeth sit in, our bones do in fact serve as the foundation for our teeth and also plays a big part in our appearance. Bone can be lost by tooth or gum disease or, if a tooth is missing or extracted, the bone may collapse into the empty socket and cause a sunken appearance to our cheeks or jaw. A bone graft can fix these conditions caused by dental disease or that result from an accident, and can also be used to create a solid foundation for a dental implant.
Dental Bone Grafting Los Angeles

Before dental implant surgery, bone grafting is sometimes necessary to supplement the bone mass of patient’s jaw so that the implants can be anchored firmly. Our practice is committed to the doing everything necessary to ensure the success of every dental implant procedure. That means bone grafting will be performed, if required, to ensure that your dental implants provide you a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles.

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