“When we decided to fix up our teeth before the wedding, we new were were in for a long process. The wedding photos are amazing, though, and we get to have those same bright smiles every day. Our dental makeovers, from the reshaping to the whitening, were worth every minute and every dollar. We feel great, look great, and make all of our friends jealous! The best wedding gift we got.”

Thanks so much,
Eric & Kayla Alessandro.

“With growing children, it feels like we can’t stay away from your office! But Madelyn is just fine with that. I have never had a child look forward to going to the dentist before. She is so proud of all she learns about brushing and dental care that she even brushes twice a day without a fight. You make my job as toothbrush enforcer much easier.”

Warm Regards,
Jillian Lester & Madelyn.

“I am constantly striving to maintain good health, but my teeth and gums were clearly overlooked. When my doctor told me gum disease can contribute to pancreatic cancer, I was shocked. Then I found out that I had some signs of gum disease, and I was scared. Thanks to you and your team for helping me restore my dental health. I know this will help me live a longer, more energized life for years to come.”

David Gold.

“When I saw my tooth enamel wearing away, I could not believe how old I was starting to look! I don’t have many wrinkles, but my teeth were a tell-tale sign of my age. Even my gums showed years of wear. The veneers you crafted took ten years off of my face. Everyone notices a difference, but no one can tell they aren’t mine! Thanks for restoring my smile to the way it looked in high school.”

Noel Johnson.

I have a confession: I am terrified of the dentist. As a guy who rides motorcycles, skydives and plays in a band, you may not expect it on the outside, but it’s true. When I found out I would need a filling, visions of huge drills and mad scientists came to my head. Working with you totally changed that. Having a relatable, friendly dentist really brings a new feeling to the experience I used to dread.”

Best Regards,
James Shore.

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