“Root canals are no fun, right? While I can’t say it was a huge party all the time, you came pretty close to making it that way. I always believe in having a sense of humor and a positive attitude about challenges, and it was great to find someone who feels the same. And a dentist nonetheless! You rock, and my teeth aren’t so bad either.”

Thanks for everything,
Marcia Cellar

“As you know, the kids’ teeth were a mess when we came in. Who knew a few stubborn baby teeth could cause such problems? When we found out they would need some teeth pulled, I knew I was in for some tears and scared faces. The kindness and comfort they felt in your office is the only thing that got us smoothly through the procedures. We’ll be back, I’m sure!”

Kendal Walsh and Family

“I had been thinking about teeth whitening for years, but was afraid to make the extra commitment. I thought it would be too expensive and not worth the cost. I was wrong! This was the best investment I have ever made. My confidence on dates, at work, and even in the gym has skyrocketed. I would recommend this to anyone.”

Katie Peller.

“Dental surgery is a scary thing at my age. My mouth is very sensitive, and it’s hard for me to trust anyone with my teeth. Your whole staff made me feel so comfortable. The best part was I got to keep my teeth! Not many women my age can say that. Thank you for my healthy and pain free smile.”

Evelyn Schmidt.

I was not thrilled about getting braces as an adult, but that has completely changed. The options you gave me for different types of invisible braces were incredible. No one ever noticed I had braces while they were on, but once they came off everyone noticed. This is the smile I was born to have. Thanks for giving it back to me.”

All the best,
Todd Young.

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